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Teams register by paying the membership fee per team. This fee covers an annual Membership per team in FLL-Caribe. This registration does not guarantee participation in the official tournament, which will be randomly selected in accordance with established policies.


Once the team submits their Membership Registration form, you will receive an email confirmation with payment instructions and a form to be filled out by the school's academic office. After the team has made the payment of the membership in FLL-Caribe, and FLL-Caribe have received the form of the school's address, the team will receive a team number that is valid for the entire season.


If a team/school wishes to participate in an official Tournament, it must pay the registration fee to participate in an official Tournament.


      The FLL Challenge Set is paid separately, and it contains:


              * Table Cover

              *  LEGO pieces with instructions for building the obstacles of the challenge.


The cost of the Challenge Set is paid in the same way as the registration fee.


Annual Membership (Affiliation)………………………..US $ 400

Registration for an FLL Tournament in D.R. ……........US $ 350

Challenge Set……………………………………............US $ 220


With the payment of the Annual Membership or Affiliation the teams obtain a team number that is valid for the whole season, access to information and consultations with the regional planning committee, and advice and supervision for non-official intramural tournaments.


Registration for a tournament only covers the registration of one (1) team for the official tournament.


Each team must have a set of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT / EV3 that can be purchased with authorized distributors of LEGO products. If you already have a set of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT/EV3, you do not need to buy another one. They also need a computer to program their robot with the NXT software. Internet connection is also necessary.



After registering for a tournament, the teams can also retract their registration. We ask you to send us a brief email mentioning the reason for the retraction to: and we will cancel the registration. However, the money will not be returned.


For more information, or any questions ... Contact us!

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